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4 Tips for Choosing Kids Party Places in Broward County

If you have a special birthday coming up for your kid and you're wondering how to pick from all the kid's party places in Broward County read on. You have choices of course starting with your home. In fact if this is your baby's first birthday your home is probably the best place to hold the celebration because it is the one place that your baby is familiar with and feels secure in. However, if you are planning to invite more kids (and parents) to the party than you can accommodate in your house or apartment, then you have to start looking for alternatives.
Public parks, restaurants, and enclosed play areas like Little Java are three popular venues for a kid's birthday party. They each have their advantages the question is do those individual advantages play to your needs?
Here are 4 tips that will help you organize your planning and evaluate the kid's party options you have:

1. Know the number of guests and set a budget. Before you can do any planning you have to determine how many guests you are going to have and what kind of budget you want to set. Even the "free" venues like your home or a public park have expenses (food, decorations activities etc.) and you've got to know what you want to spend in order to determine the "best value" venue.

2. Weather. If the birthday occurs during the late Fall or Winter odds are you'll have a beautiful Broward County day so the kids can play outside. Even so you'll need a plan B if the weather doesn't cooperate and a storm rolls in. In the summertime you have the problem of afternoon thunderstorms with lightening and hot and humid weather. Indoor venues that are air conditioned make far more sense.

3. Convenience and safety. There are "housekeeping" issues that can become troublesome if your venue can't accommodate them. If you have toddlers at the party you are going to need someplace that is appropriate to change diapers. Clean, safe restrooms for the rest of the guests are also a must. If the venue offers games or a play area are there adequate safety features in place? Who supervises the kids and how many supervisors will you need?

4. Party themes and food. If you are going to have the event at home you can do just about anything you want to do in terms of theme and food. But if you are going to use a "party place" then you want to ask questions and learn if there are restrictions on what you can do. For example can you bring your own cake or cupcakes? Can you bring decorations or provide your own entertainment (clown, magician, cartoon character etc.)? If the party place provides food and beverages as part of the package what kind and how much is included?

The ultimate objective is for your kid and all of his or her guests to have a fun event. Take the time to do a little legwork and you'll earn the title "Best kid's party planning Mom" in the neighborhood.