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Things to do with kids in Weston : Indoor Arcade and Playground

Posted by Ana Lorenzo
Ana Lorenzo
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Things to Do With Kids of All Ages in Weston School is back in but that still doesn't solve the question Weston moms face every day particularly if you have preschoolers; what are some "things to do with the kids in Weston." You probably won't want to take them to the many outdoor attractions like Everglades Holiday Park or Sawgrass Recreation Park because they are too young to appreciate the experience and there is a measure of safety concern as well. When the weekend rolls around and the six year olds and up are at home complaining about being bored you are faced with the problem of going somewhere that both the toddlers and the elementary kids can enjoy. Take the Kids to a Place Everyone (even moms) Can Enjoy So you have kids spread out in age from toddler to tween. Where do you take them that will keep them...