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Kids and Arcade Games – A Sure Fire Recipe for Fun!

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Remember the fun you had as a kid playing at a carnival arcade games? How many hours did you spend testing your skill at a ball toss game with the smell of cotton candy in the air and of course the excitement of getting a high enough score to win a cheesy prize to take home. If you think back those were great times in your childhood and your kids can experience the same kind of fun today!

At Little Java we don't have cotton candy but we do have a great collection of exciting, multiplayer arcade games and some awesome prizes your kids can win (we leave the cheesy ones to a certain pizza place). Our 12,000 square foot air conditioned indoor playground offers great fun and entertainment for toddlers to tweens including a variety of inflatables to jump and slide on, a challenging rope course and a confidence building rock climbing wall.

When your kids want a break from exercise they can head to the Arcade and choose from a variety of easy to understand and exciting games of different skill levels like:

  • Ducky Splash. Mix kids and water and you always have a winner. Duckies float in a pond and your kid uses a squirt gun to move them into a tunnel entrance. The more duckies that go through the entrance the higher the score.
  • Milk Jug Toss. The all-time classic ball toss game. Toss a ball into the milk jug for the maximum points or into secondary targets for fewer points.
  • Down the Clown. You probably used a softball and tossed at beanbag clowns trying to knock them off a shelf. We have the modern version and it's just as much fun.

Remember the tickets? When a game ended tickets would spit out of the machine and at the end of the day you could trade them in for prizes. We don't have tickets. We have something your kids will think is way more cool.

No Wads of Tickets, No Dirty Tokens

Our guests can purchase a "play card" and load the amount they want to spend on the games. The card not only tracks "credits" but also records scores or points that can then be redeemed for prizes. If your child doesn't use up all of his or her credits (or points) the card will carry over to their next visit. The play card system is a convenient and effective way for you and your kids to "budget" game time and eliminates the need for carrying around a pocketful of tickets and grubby tokens.

If you book a birthday party at Little Java, our packages now include a 50 point play card for the birthday boy or girl. Play cards make great party favors for the party guests and are available on a discount basis as part of the party booking package.

Share a bit of your childhood with your kids. Bring them to Little Java in Weston and let them experience the timeless fun that comes with playing Arcade games.